DVC Greetings

Department of Student Affairs (HEP) has two main functions of serving students and develop students. In carrying out this function HEP has planned various activities to accomplish its purpose. 
Student services best provided in various aspects, especially student accommodation which has been corrected by simply placing two students only per room compared with three and four students per room in advance. 
In addition other services such as bus cycle, cafeterias and teaching facilities in the Hall students (DPP) has improved significantly.
in the context of the development of students, commitment HEP described in detail in the Strategic Plan of the University encompasses the development of learner holistically and other aspects such as community service, participation in management as well as the welfare of students, especially financial aid to students. 
in 2013, HEP has held two rounds of talks to prepare Almanac of the department as well as a session coordination Almanac with several centers / departments concerned such as the coke, CEDI, Centre Islam, Academic College, CUIC and Sports center. These discussions have resulted in the Almanac of 2014 lists a total of 1500 events in various dimensions of sports, cultural, academic, spiritual, entrepreneurship, community service, career, alumni and activities of the DPP and the club and student council. 
Various other activities have also been designed for the purpose of developing the mind and the identity of students as the 'Graduate Character building', Finishing School, Bakti Siswa Perdana and Fard Ain Competency Test. 
a variety of development activities that have been undertaken and will be continued in fact has shown positive results and have proven to increase the 'Graduate Employment' of 69.4% 2014 to79.1% for 2016.

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