HEP History

Availability of Student Affairs (HEP) at a university is a must and the department's role is very important in terms of providing and guaranteeing student services as well as agencies in developing their personality and potential students. Interest in UUM Student Affairs Department can be seen in every aspect especially in the aspect of the responsibility of managing all 15 DPP occupied a total of 20,000 students. In addition, HEP is also responsible for planning, managing, monitoring, and control most activities for students and operators of key activities such as Orientation Week, Convocation Expo, the SRC Election and others.

HEP's total staff of 298 people also proved that HEP is a very important position and role and responsibility is very great as a complement to the academic aspect in the lecture halls. Good academic performance would not be complete without the other is equipped with a variety of skills, especially establishment of Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) is to develop sustainable management education. The goal is to create a resource professionals who are trained and educated.Construction of excellent professionals must be balanced between the academic and personal development. This is very important towards achieving the vision and development of the country in the future. 

To achieve this, the Department of Student Affairs is responsible for planning the appropriate environment to the development of students' personality. Two areas of emphasis are:

  •  Personal development of students
  •  Services to students

In order to achieve this, the Department of Student Affairs runs through the center and part as follows:

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